You want a revolution? Well, how about a resolution?

I am pretty shocked. It’s February already, and I still haven’t gotten back into the writing habits I thought I’d formed in November. Lately when I’ve tried to string a few sentences together I’ve been overwhelmed with the vulnerability I feel. It’s the standard stuff like ‘OH MY GOD A SLOTH CAN WRITE BETTER THAN ME.’ Oh so melodramatic Shannon. Anyways, after watching Brene Brown’s amazing TedTalk on ‘Listening to Shame’  I’m trying to remember that feeling vulnerable is good, it’s ‘our most accurate measurement of courage.’

So with that I propose a 4 week resolution challenge. With each week I will try to achieve a certain thing and then I’ll blog about it. If something gets in the way like a fun social activity or whatever then that’s ok, it’s not about being perfect but just attempting these things. My darling Mum has deeply engrained the saying ‘a quitter never wins and a winner never quits’ into me. It’s sort of a paradoxical nightmare but in the end I wouldn’t want to throw away my thousand projects for the alternative – doing nothing.

4 WEEK RESOLUTION CHALLENGE – Any name suggests? This one is kinda lame.



Week 1: Write 5,000 extra words of my novel by the end of the week.

Week 2: Be a better listener. I think I would like to go about this by studying body language and also just try not to zone out during conversations. Yes I will listen to my fella’s intriguing  description of tiling the bathroom at work. Cement you say? Wowser.

Week 3: Find creative ways to work on my novel. Maybe do some art, character profiling etc.

Week 4: Organise my life better. Ugh, I am not looking forward to this much but with uni starting the week after it may not be a bad thing to venture into the desk draw and sort that shit out.


Wish me luck! See you next week.



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4 responses to “You want a revolution? Well, how about a resolution?

  1. strangenewfriend

    How about, ‘The four week de-Sloth’? :P
    You go, Shan!

  2. Best luck, Shannon. Looking forward to your updates :)

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