Week 1: Oh Novel Novel, you don’t treat me no good no more

A bit of a late blog post for week 1 but you know, better late than never. (Excuses)..



Resolution 1: Write 5,000 words on my novel.

Result: Umm, sort’ve.


I wrote 3,500 words on my novel last week. Mind you they aren’t very good words. In fact I would say they are stupid, forced through the-sweaty-pen-in-my-hand-while-on-a-crowded-train-after-work-words. But I am happy becausewhile I was gritting my teeth in frustration I started writing what I wanted to write, which resulted in a 2,000 word short story that I don’t mind at all. So I did write 5,000 words, just not all directed at the big super mama novel. I still feel like a winner though.

While writing what I wanted to write I felt myself slipping into that trance. It didn’t matter that the train I was on seemed to take 30 minutes longer, (What’s that Batty? You flew into a signal post and stuffed up the Lilydale/Belgrave line?!) because I was in the ‘mode.’ I found last week a useful resolution because it made me find my concentration again. I also started reading A LOT and writing down little things that people say on a train and made keen observations like: man in suit has crinkly bum and chicken chips for breakfast? Why not!

I am trying to find how I can rekindle my relationship with my novel again. I need some direction. Hopefully week 3’s resolution on creative stuff will help things blossom. Right now I’m in week 2 of being a better listener, which to be honest, I haven’t really researched much into with my extended weekend going on…


Until then, I’m all ears.



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