Week 3 +4: Get Organised, Get Your Shit Together

Resolution: tidy, organise and feel on top of the world

Result: turns out the world keeps on moving and I can’t grip my claws into it enough to ever stop it moving.


Uni starts next week. I’m in two minds about it, the first mind is cheerful and happy to get the brain matter moving again, the second brain is like ‘Whoah man, just whoah.’ Bring on the challenge. I work two full days a week and am at uni three days. Up until yesterday my fancy fandangle iPhone was updating me with work emails and work calendar stuff until I flung it across the room and said ‘ENOUGH! ENOUGH!’ But no need to break the iPhone which was interfering with my life and making me become one of those workaholics who you see on Today Tonight who point the finger at the BlackBerryiPhonethingy because there is a setting called ‘turn off notifications’ so now I am a little bit more peaceful.

But seriously, how do I juggle it all? Can I even be organised and fit everything into nice little boxes? No, I can’t. And I have to accept that and do yoga and take deep breaths and use a comma once in a, while, or two.

What did I do?

  • I donated more clothing/paintings/stuff to the op-shop which helped me reorganise my wardrobe.
  • I did my timetabling, got my uni books together.
  • I rearranged my room. Is it more zen? I don’t know but there’s plenty of dance space.
  • I contemplated changing gyms to the city but then decided not to.
  • I put stuff in folders and made my financial/tax stuff not so messy in a desk.
  • I got my fella to make this awesome, so lovely, floating bookshelf (below!)


But the world moves on and things happen and even if my diary says that today I’m going to write a blog, sometimes there are more important things to do, like visit a grandparent in hospital. I am growing so many things in my garden. I love seeing the little green sprouts poking their heads out. I am amazed that these things seem to grow so easy, add a seed in the ground, cover with dirt, give them a bit of water and in a few days it will grow. A cherry tomato plant grew next to the compost bin, it planted itself there. When I found some little red tomatoes I jumped with joy.

These are the best things.




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2 responses to “Week 3 +4: Get Organised, Get Your Shit Together

  1. sabcooke

    How does the floating shelf work? Looks really cool!

    • Shannon McKeogh

      Cheers sabcooke! It’s a simple right hinge thing that is drilled into the wall and sticks into the last page of the bottom book. The back cover of the book has double sided tape to hold it up and hide the metal hinge. Very easy to make.

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