Reading in 2012

Reading is about making choices, and as a writer I generally make more conscious decisions about what books I read rather than just choosing my favourite authors (although I still do that.)

I always try to read a balance of female and male authors. You know, because there’s all that sexism stuff happening about female authors not getting appreciated. Although this years long-list up for the Miles Franklin prize is kick-ass for women. I also try and have a good mix of Australian authors in there as well, support the locals. This is how I fared:

In 2012 I read 52 books.

26 of the books were by female writers, exactly 50%!

29 of the books were by Australian authors. The rest were a mix of British, American, and even some Japanese.

7 of the books were non-fiction.

At least 11 of the books have been made into films.

I read 19 of them on my e-reader. The rest of them were in paperback form.



What do you think? I think it’s a pretty good variety. I’m surprised I read seven non-fiction books, seems like a lot for me.  Do you try and keep your reading balanced? How do you do that?




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7 responses to “Reading in 2012

  1. That’s great that you read more than 50. I’m trying for that this year and I don’t think I’ll make it. I never thought of balancing male and female authors, but I do try to read a variety of books from different countries. Goodreads has some discussion groups for that kind of thing, so that helps. Which were your favorite books from that list?

    • Shannon McKeogh

      Thanks Shelia! I always think I should be reading more than what I do though! What are the best Goodreads discussion groups? I am always overwhelmed by that website and never know where to start. In terms of favourites, I adore Kazuo Ishiuru, Cate Kennedy, Toni Jordan and Muriel Barbery’s ‘Elegance of the Hedgehog.’ It depends what you like reading, but sometimes the more challenging reads are the most rewarding. :)

      • I know what you mean – it can be overwhelming! I’m only in the Reading the Classics discussion group and Around the World in 80 Books or something like that. I like them for the group reads, but then I keep forgetting to check to see what the next read will be or else I’m already into a different book when the start dates come up. But it’s fun to read the same book along with other people and hear the different opinions as you go along.

  2. Hi Shannon. I’ve written about this before at the blog – I love a good breakdown of the numbers behind people’s reading! I’m trying to correct a Western discrepancy in my reading by being part of an Asian Book Club. Our first book was from Korea, the next one is Chinese…
    Thanks for sharing your numbers!

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