Days so fast, minutes go so slow

Sometimes I get catch up in that feeling, that the next thing, the next stage of life will be better.
That something else, that future me will be awesome.
And when that moment comes I will be truly content and plateau-like and I would know what it was all about. Being so wise and happy I would peer down my mountain and enjoy the view. Smell the fresh air brushing my nostrils, wear something white and loose fitting, do the Macarena with no fear. Finally get everyone on the morning commute to do a choreographed dance to Walking on Sunshine.

I am in the final semester of a four year run of university. There are mixed emotions, on one hand that part of me searching for the ‘Aha land ahead, joy!’ moment can’t wait. But it will the end of a few things, study from home and easy days of a part-time job. Being surrounded by passionate people and inspired by ideas and the possibility of taking over the world one word at a time, it is an amazing feeling. There is also angst and fear of failing, taking on internships and writing gigs and feeling like you’ve taken a watermelon to the face.

I wouldn’t change it. I will miss it, but it’s not over yet. I have to get through the last haul, fingers to keyboard and get a smart-looking novel in shape.

I don’t know if there will be some ‘Aha’/Walking on Sunshine moment ever. Days go so fast, minutes go so slow.

So maybe we should all just listen to the sign a bit more eh?



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