Writing while travelling, ‘Travel-writing’


This Sunday, Dan and I will take off in our 4WD named Whoopi Goldberg (it’s gold, getit?!). We’re travelling around Australia and are not really sure how long we will be gone, but our estimate is around six months. Whoopi is fancy, we have had a dual battery system installed so we can run our special car fridge all the time. Dan, being a handy carpenter has made a storage system in the back for our bags, tent and our life.

It’s a bit daunting but I’m really excited, although it won’t be until we set up for our first camp in Jindabyne that it’ll finally click: so this is our life now is it? But I am also looking forward to getting away from all of my Melbourne life, the countless useless items I surround myself with, not using my myki card and breathing in non-cigarette, non-car pollutant air.

A few friends have told me that I must keep writing. Travel writing, share with everyone what’s happening on the road and expose all those myths about Australia – do Australians really ride kangaroos to work? I’m yet to find out whether this one is fact or fiction.

And I want to do that, I like to write and I like to connect. But how can I experience things properly if I’m trying to document everything? You need to disconnect.  One of the great (and awful) things about Australia is that the phone and internet coverage is not so reliable. This forces you to disconnect. You truly do camp out under the stars and don’t bother checking in, or uploading or liking stuff. You just be. I’ve talked about being present before and it’s something I constantly struggle with.

I have to find a balance between taking enough photos and writing enough to remember and also living in the moment.

So, this is a post to say that I’m going away and I might be on hiatus or I might pop up from time to time depending on what’s happening. But don’t worry, I’ll be back.



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