Thank you


To you, my dear reader for reading some of my stuff.

I have been writing on this blog for over four years (I think) and it’s been kind of a mess. I was inspired by a writerly uni-mate who has a kick arse blog. Although my blog has never been as organised and my posting is sporadic it’s been a place for me to experiment with my writing, do reviews, stalk the Melbourne literary crowd of happenings (exhausting). There’s been recipes and unicorn stories and truths badly disguised in fiction.

One of the things I have enjoyed doing on Freedom Tights was my ‘Book That’ blog series in which many great people wrote about their personal experiences with a book they have read. If you think a book can’t change your life then read Ebonie Hyland’s piece and you’ll have to think again about the power of books.

I have been to blogging workshops which have told me how to make my blog the coolest kid on the block and get a heap of followers. Problem is that I needed to focus on one key area only and market the heck out of that. And where is the fun in that? 

Freedom Tights has been and will most likely be a bit messy, but I’m cool with it.

And I’m cool with the fact that my most popular post is Devon and Chicken Loaf – the worst kind of meat there is. Feel free to join in with that trollin’ orgy going on in the comments page there.

Thanks again for your eyeballs!




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