Lost things


The further we travel the more I lose things along the way. A lady I met believes it’s because I have a bad mental habit and convince myself it’s just what I do and then I do it more.

Perhaps i would take these comments on board if she wasn’t partially coconuts. She believed in many things like g-strings, unpacking all of her emotional baggage for frequent aeration and Home and Away.

But who am I to judge? She doesn’t lose stuff.

In seven months I have lost the following things:

  • An RMIT black hoodie and a tie-dyed singlet, lost in Port Douglas, QLD Caravan Park, in the toilets.
  • A can-opener, left at a house in Alice Springs.
  • One groovy beaded earring, somewhere on the grass in Darwin CBD.
  • A blue yoga mat, in Wilgi Outstation in Arnhemland.
  • A black rimmed hat, left hanging on the hook at the Information Office toilets in Exmouth, WA
  • My VISA debit card, Fremantle, WA. Although someone did find it and decided to have an $80 lunch out on me!

Why do I lose stuff?  It’s because I’m either worried about something (what to have for lunch) or day-dreaming (if only we had cheese and avocado and roasted pumpkin). I’m somewhere else, often in the toilet. And no, I wasn’t drunk when I lost any of these things.

I miss some of my lost stuff.

Though I do tend to think of my things as ‘stuff’ and try not to have too much attachment to them. It’s ego. It’s vanity. Maybe that’s why I’m a tad careless and give them to the world for free. Like my VISA card. That one wasn’t so smart was it? Maybe it’s just normal to lose things when you’re just on the road most of the time. But my boyfriend seems to have parted with only one thing. One bloody thing!

He’s got his shit together.

How about you, do you lose things often?



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