Gut feeling


I’m reading a book about guts.

It’s about gut bacteria. The book covers how having good gut bacteria can stop you getting gross runny noses that make you look like you’re seven. And how looking after your tum tum has been directly linked with the power to open the right golden suitcases of your mind to make insanely good decisions.

If you like to frequent some hip parts of the world you would know that Sauerkraut and kombuca (teaming with yeast and good gut bacteria properties) are ‘in’ right now.

But if you’re really hip, you should make your own fermented goods.

I bought a SCOBY for my kombuca for $12 off Ebay. If you don’t know what a SCOBY is, I suggest you Google it as that is where I get my trusted information. Some lady from the great southern lands of Tasmania posted it to me. It looked like a small breast implant floating in the wee of a dehydrated drunk man. So I made my fermented tummy drink and it didn’t stop my nose from running, nor did it help with my decision-making.

There’s something I’ve been thinking about lately that the book doesn’t cover. Gut feeling. As in:

“Listen to your gut feeling.”

You may believe in intuition and have a lovely rainbow aura and have a highly communicative bowel and gut system and know what’s up in your world.

It’s not something I’ve been very good at.

I feel a lot of things. Loads of things, somewhat acutely, it’s not just a gut feeling, it’s a mind, it’s a heart, it’s a left funny elbow bone with an opinion. There is a whole-body jury judging things, judging me. And often they fight one another, the mind rationally divides the situation while the heart squeezes tight. The gut just sits there, it’s sometimes left out from the decision, sometimes it is argued away.

But lately I’ve been sitting with my gut and wanting to know what it says. It’s quieter. It doesn’t judge so harshly. It’s okay with taking things slower – it can’t keep up with the mind, can’t compete with the heart with feeling the weight of the world so fully.

But it’s worth listening to more than eating another jar of saukerkraut.


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