Non-Fiction Publications


  • Review: “Josh Pyke, Love Lies Theatre Tour, Melbourne.” – The Enthusiast
  • Review: “Random Muscial!” – The Pun
  • Review:  “Gordon Southern – A brief history of history”- The Pun
  • Review: “Tom Ballard – Doing Stuff” – The Pun
  • “Is Chick Lit Really So Bad?” – Lip
  • “Merry Madness: Does Christmas have to mean mayhem?” – Lip
  • Review: “The Panics, Palace Theatre, Melbourne.” – The Enthusiast
  • Review: “Aqueous – Nature’s Elements” – Buzzcuts
  • Review: “Felicity Ward’s (ill-timed, week long) Christmas special” – Buzzcuts
  • “Giving up Facebook for Lent” – Mx
  • Lit Review: “Frankenstein: Don’t mess with God or women.” – Lip
  • Lit Review: “The Monk: A romance: Let’s talk about sex baby.” – Lip
  • “Great Expectations: Mental Health” – Uni Australia
  • “University: A means to get a career or to study your passion? – Uni Australia
  • Reviews in: Insider Publishing’s International Student Guide
  • “Facebook Spies” and “Guide to O- Week.”  – Catalyst

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