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One morning she woke up and liked everything


Estelle was in a good mood that morning, her tea was the perfect temperature and her floral flannel pajamas felt warm against her calves. Her house-mates had gone to work and the house was quiet.

A rare moment for her to hear her own heart-beat. There was nothing to do and no expectations. She was in a good mood and it came naturally to click ‘like’ on everyone’s statuses and updates on Facebook.

Like – the photo of the melted cheese sunrise that Renee Summers from high-school uploaded. Clearly gloating about her early bird discipline. Usually this would annoy Estelle but today she admired the girl she had once shared English class with.

Like – ‘Happy Hump Day!’ A second cousin. Yes, it was good that it was mid-week wasn’t it?

Like – ‘Should I have Nutri-grain or eggs for breakfast?’ Estelle empathised with Xavier Goodes’ indecision, as it was something she suffered with herself. But really Nutri-grain? Surely that was something only hormonal 14-year-old boys chomped through while simultaneously spraying Lynx under their pubescent pits? Xavier was 38.

Like – a picture of a fat, fluffy cat wearing a top hat.

Like – ‘Be Kind, everyone is fighting their own battles.’ So true, especially of the Facebook poster Aunty Meryl, who had happily declared at the last family Christmas that at 52 she still menstruated each month and as a side-note she loved G-strings. Aunty Meryl was not receiving so much kindness from her family as late.

Like – an article about this year’s Mile Franklin winner from a girl from Brunswick. Estelle was currently reading Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven but she appreciated the idea of literature as much as the next snobby arts degree student.

Like ‘Get into Aldi for bananas, $1.99 a kilo!!!!’

Estelle put down her phone, perhaps her generosity had gone too far. Although she made a mental note to pop in that afternoon because, well, banana smoothies…

After her morning ritual of scrolling through other people’s fragmented lives Estelle wondered what she should have for breakfast. The sun burnt its way through the window and the yellow rays stung the corners of her eyes. It was after 10 now, the sun looked like a light had come on it the sky. Now that she was updated on her feed Estelle felt a strange sense of hopelessness. She checked her email and the phone beeped in her palm, but it was only an email from Nature, Beauty and Health who reminded her to eat more garlic (IMMUNITY BOOSTER!) and asked her if she’d entered the competition to win a set of spoons (FAIR-TRADE JARRAH!)

Estelle wondered what people did in the mornings pre-Facebook. She tried to remember herself not having that little screen with statements and photos and silly You-Tube clips. She tried to remember what she had for breakfast previously, but it seemed too long ago, another life-time ago. She got up from the seat and put the kettle on. While it was boiling she picked up her phone, pressed on the blue icon and pulled the browser down with her bitten-down fingers.



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Saint Lent-il

Despite being a fence-sitting Agnostic I have decided to reunite the wonder of a loose-fiting loin cloth and scuff around madly in a pair of roman sandals. Yes, I am going to party like its 2 AD * and embark in the Catholicism rite that is Lent.

During Lent, one must give up something indulging or unhealthy for the sake of being more moral and virtuous. It is good for the soul and basically, I believe our modern day hedonisitic lifestyle could do with a good bible-whacking of some serious Lent sacrifices.

My future brother-in-law is giving up chocolate for the season but admits that this taste may be too difficult to achieve. As chocolate is a staple food in my diet I have instead decided to give up Facebook -the social networking scum between my toes – yet again.

Yes, I have given it up before for Lent and I reflect on that time with some fondness.  It was a time in which I did not need to know that Charlie is eating a delicious, delicious pickle sandwich.

I mean how selfish of Charlie! I want a pickle sandwich. But I will suffice.

What am I hoping to achieve from giving something up? ‘Coz we all know that those we who have addictive personalities just pick up something else up to fill in that time-waster (in my case a blue and white void of status updates and walls).  Well, I still have the internet in all her beautiful web glory, my email, mobile phone and this blog.


Let’s hope this time away from stalkbook gives me time to write more. The time is there its just whether I use it productively or not. Amen.


*Estimated guess of historical time period, bound to wrong.



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